Do you want to send something back? Returning is no problem!

Step 1: Where are you located? 

Are you based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark or Luxembourg?
Then you can follow the next steps. If you are not please go to Step 2.

Go to: or click here and follow the steps.

If you have any questions please send a Whatsapp message towards: +31 6 15381028 our customers team will reply within 24-48 hours

Step 2: If you are based in the other countries than named in step 1, you can send a WhatsApp message towards: +31 6 15381028 with your name, order number, item(s), and reason of return then you will get a PDF with instructions and a label which you can use to ship the products back to our warehouse.

Print the invoice you got in your e-mail from us and put this with your return/exchange in the original packaging the products came in. If not attached the return can not be processed.

We do have a number of small conditions for returning, namely:

- The item may not be worn or damaged and has to be clean.

- Watch out with makeup: items with makeup stains are also NOT returned

- Items that fall outside the return time of 25 days will NOT be taken back.

- Free products - when returning and amount fit underneath the value of the free goodie(s) you have the option to return the free goodie, when used or you decide to keep it, we will deduct the amount from the return

-Returning/Exchanging is at your own expensive. The return label will be deducted from the order amount.

- The items must be returned unused (fitting is allowed) and clean (so without hair, dirt and / or manure). Information cards and / or labels must be attached to the product as delivered. If possible, return the articles in the packaging supplied.

No exceptions are made to the above conditions. Pay attention: if you return an item damaged, stained or outside the return period, the costs for resending to you are for yourself. So avoid unnecessary costs and only return in accordance with the conditions.