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8 reasons why Shetland ponies are awesome!

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Shetland ponies come from origin of the Scottish Shetland Islands and lived there isolated for a long time. The small size of the ponies gave them a big advantage where food was very rare. This way the HMGA2-gene was spread and this is the reason why they are so little. And of course we do not bother about that fact at all because shetland ponies are super fun. HorseGloss summed up 8 reasons why they are so nice:

1. They are perfect company:

2. They function perfect as lawn mower:

3. They are perfect with kids:

4. Sometimes they are really cool too:

5. … and they are pretty funny

6. You can learn them a lot of tricks for shows:

7. They are not expensive:

8. And last but not least…. they are really really CUTE!


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